The miraculous events related to Hazrat Shaykh since Childhood.

Sayyidi Sultan Ul Awliyaa Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi was a Wali Ullah since birth.  Since Childhood, Hazrat was inclined towards religion and the Awliya’a. He was often away from His House and was found at the Maqam of Hazrat Data Ali Hujweri (May Allah be pleased with Him). Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi once revealed that He was in the company of the Awliya’a from before His birth. His Childhood friend, Sheikh Amir Waheed Mohsini who also became His Muree’d (Disciple) later, in the memory of their school-life he narrates, Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi would always remain in the state of Wudu (Ablution). Be it the school, playground or wherever He used to be, Shaykh would always be found in that state.

He always abstained from wrong-doings and such was His personality since childhood, that His school and college friends, if used to do an act that was against Islamic Laws, they used to hid it from Him as they respected Him a lot . His classmates if were using vulgar language, the instant they saw Hazrat Shaykh coming they would all stop their vulgar language at once.

Family members of Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi relates that when at the time of Tahajjud, they use to pass by the (blessed) room of Hazrat, they would smell an extraordinary fragrance coming out of His room. They also related that they often used to hear someone reciting the Holy Quran at the time of Tahajuud in Shaykh’s room and when they later enquired from Shaykh if He was reciting the Holy Quran at that time, He used to say no and that he was sleeping at that time and that He did not recite the Holy Quran by a loud voice. He would always recite the Holy Quran in low-voice.