The Blessed Birth of Sayyidi Sultan Al Awliyaa, Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi

The respected mother of Sultan Ul Awliya Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi statedstates that she made a visit to the Dergah of Hazrat Baba Farid-ud-din Ganj e Shakkar (May Allah Please with Him) along with her parents after her marriage in 1964. Upon reaching the Dergah at night, they decided to pay respect at the Shrine and then have some rest. They laid down for rest in the ‘praying area’ of Hazrat Sabir Kaliyar Sharif. The Mother of Sayyidi Shaykh met Hazrat Baba Farid-ud-din Ganj Shakar while in her dream. She saw that Baba Farid (May Allah Please with Him) gave her four ‘sweets’.

She explained the vision to her mother the following morning. Her Pious mother was delighted when she delighted when listened to the dream of her daughter. She interpreted the dream that she will soon give birth to a Son. By the Spiritual Blessings of Hazrat Baba Farid-ud-din Ganj Shakar (May Allah Please with Him) a beautiful baby Boy was granted to Mohammad Munawar-ud-din (Pious Father of Sayyidi Shaykh) on 16th November 1966. His Mother kept His Name Mohsin, which means the pious Benefactor.

Completion of the interpretation of the dream that Shaykh’s mother had while at the shrine of Baba Farid was taken place when Shaykh’s mother gave birth to three more sons later. According to Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi that Baba Farid-ud-din Ganj Shakkar has a very special relation with him and his family.

In relation to the abovementioned dream, in the childhood of Sayyidi Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi, once He went along with His Mother to pay homage at the Dergah of Hazrat Baba Farid-ud-Din Ganj Shakkar (May Allah Please with Him). His Mother also paid homage at the Maqa’am (Mausoleum) of Hazrat Chan Pir Sarkar (May Allah Please with Him). There were many people inside the mausoleum while Shaykh as a Child picked up four wooden blocks from the ‘Taweez Mubarak’ and voiced that he wants to take these with him. A Sufi Saint, watching closely, came to Him and said, “Son leave these blocks as your mother has already got them” as soon as He heard such, He left those blocks. Those four blocks represents the four sons that Sayyidi Shaykh’s mother had.