Awliyaa Allah, the friends of Allah (swt) help the people who call them for help. Sultan Ul Awliyaa, Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi have been witnessed by numerous devotees and disciples helping them when they called out to Him. In which ever part of the world Shaykh physically was present, His help always reached to the lovers who called Him. Numerous incidents have been narrated over the passage of time by the Lovers of Shaykh which they witnessed individually. Some of the incidents penned down are,

One of the devotees of Shaykh relates,

“Eid was coming nearer and I had promised my daughter that I’ll buy her a pair of new shoes to wear on the Eid celebration. I was not financially strong and lived in a small village in Pakistan. One day, it was most probably evening when I was going somewhere when two bandits on a motor-bike stopped me. I, not being financially strong had all my hard-work (money) with me at the time and got tensed seeing them. They pulled the gun towards me and asked me to take out all the money I had from my pockets. In this state of fear and distress, I emptied my pockets and so however, had lost all the money I had acquired from my hard-work. As soon as both the bandits sat on their motor-bike and started to move, I shouted and uttered the blessed Names of my Shaykh for help, Sultan Ul Awliya Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi and Sultan Ul Awliya Ghawth Al Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (May Allah be pleased with Them). In no time, to my amazement, as soon as I respectfully spoke the Blessed Names, both of the bandits as I was seeing them going, suddenly stopped and started shouting. Both of them at the same time went blind and were not able to see any thing in-front of them. They both got really frightened. However, they stopped the motor-bike and called me from behind. When I went to them, they in a state of fear started apologising and asked me to take the money back. As soon as I took the money from their hands, all of a sudden both of them had their vision back again. Both of them were frightened as to what really had happened as well as I was also astonished at the same time. Indeed! it was the help from my Shaykh when I had called out My Shaykh for help.

Shaykh Haji Abid Mohsini related,
“My younger brother, Akhter Mohsini, who had not yet done bayah on the Blessed Hands of Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi, was keeping bad company and quarrelled and fought with others for no reason.I was very worried about him and apprehensive that he may be caught in some misfortune and also cause trouble for us.
During those days, I had the vision of Hazrat Shaykh who told me to recite Ayat-tul-Kursi for a considerable number and Allah Almighty would bless him. I,however, started the recitation and by the blessings of Hazrat Shaykh, my brother left bad company and became sober. Later he did bayah (initiation) on the blessed Hands of Hazrat Shaykh.”

Similarly, Abid Noor Mohsini related that Hazrat Shaykh’s maternal uncle, Malik Shabbir Dean and his son Jawad Shabbir Dean came to Hazrat Shaykh once and told him that when they were in China, Jawad’s pocket was picked. His passport was lost so they went to Pakistan’s embassy in China. The officer who was to solve their problem was a great ‘amil’, he asked Jawad Sahib, ‘You are from Pakistan, from Johar Town (and told them their Family background)…’
Shabbir Dean’s son was surprised and astonished to hear such true and perfect information about him and asked him more. He said that there is a great Wali Allah in their family and that they were going to face a great disaster but it had gone away due to the dua of Shaykh; His dua is with them. He further told them that whenever he came to Lahore he would like to meet Shaykh. (That spiritual operative lived in China and hadn’t met Shaykh physically ever before.)

the brother-in-law of Shaykh Haji Abid Mohsini, Idrees Mohsini related that once he went to a place where some robbers held him. After taking his money and the motor-bike, they bound him with ropes. He further said that he had heard Hazrat Ghawth Al Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilaani’s (Peace be upon Him) Statement that if His devotee, whether he is in East or West called Him, He would come for help.
He sought Hazrat Ghawth Al Azam and Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi’s help in his heart; in the meantime the robbers started talking and decided to shoot him because he could be dangerous for them. Idrees Sahib thinking that his time had come cried loudly, ’Oh Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani, you will come when these people will shoot me. When I said this I don’t know how my legs and arms became free from the ropes and started running in one direction.’
The robbers shouted to stop him and said that they would shoot him but he did not stop but they could not stop him. After a few days the robbers were caught and his money and other things were recovered as-well.

Also, Khalil Ahmed Mohsini related that once he offered prayer behind Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi and also offered funeral prayer near Nankana Sahib. He became free at about two o’clock and started back home. The way was desolate, he took Hazrat Shaykh’s Name and started his journey on the motor-bike. He had covered just a little distance when he saw that the road was blocked by a fallen tree. Someone had blocked the way so that no one could pass from there.
In the meantime, two robbers appeared and asked him to stop. He related, ‘I did not stop, I don’t know what force was pushing me, I just drove past them. They also fired at me but by the grace of Hazrat Shaykh’s Zikr they were not able to hurt or stop me.’

Abid Noor Mohsini related that his Spiritual brother, Arshad Mohsini said that once he was going on a bicycle to attend Friday Salat when he wished in his heart that Shaykh may help him through the Ghayb as he had never presented any gift to Hazrat Shaykh. He thought that if he got 500 rupees, he would take fruit worth 250 rupees for Hazrat as a gift and the rest of the fruit for his children.
He performed Friday Salat behind Hazrat with the same thought. As he offered Salam of Salat, someone gave him some money and told him to put them in his pocket. When he looked at the money it was one thousand rupees.