Sayyidi Shaykh and His Shaykh-e Tariqa

We must have heard many Shaykh-disciple spiritual links in our lives. Sayyidi Shaykh often teach his disciples that until a disciple does not annihilate himself into the will of his Shaykh (this is often refers to a term called ‘Fana-Fi-Shaykh’) he cannot reach the station of Fana-Fi-Rasool, this is when a disciple absorb the teachings and Love of His Shaykh then goes through the stage where he annihilate himself into the Greatest Personality in universe Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). This process often takes time and with some disciples it takes entire lives but when Sayyidi Shaykh went to His Shaykh-e Tariqa Huzoor Qibla Baba Jee Sarkar Muhammad Yousaf Ali Nagina Sahab (May Allah be please with Him) to take Oath of Allegiance (Bayt), Qibla Baba Jee Sarkar congratulated Sayyidi Shaykh and whispered in His ear

“You will have the ‘Ziarah’of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him)”.

Sayyidi Sultan-Ul Awliyaa Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi have read a kalaam many times in gatherings:

Koi Aaya Lay kar Chala Gaya, Koi Umar Bhar Be Na Paa Saka

Ye Bare Karam Ke Hain Faisaly, Ye Bare Naseeb Ki Baat Hay


Some came, taken and went but some doesn’t achieve all their lives

This is very blessedness decisions, this is a very blessing happening