It has been narrated by several that once there was a man sitting in the company of the Great Ghawth Al Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Radiallahu ta’ala anhu) when Hazrat Ghous Al Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilaani (Radiallahu ta’ala anhu) promised with 40 Devotees to open the Fast on a day in their House. The man said that I witnessed Shaykh promising 40 people to open the fast (Iftaar) and to my astonishment it was the same time and day that Shaykh had given to all of the 40 Devotees. The Devotee says that he decided to be with Shaykh on that day so that he could see what does Shaykh do and how does he go to 40 different places at the same time to open the fast. When the day had come, he went with Shaykh to enquire such. He said that Shaykh went to one house, opened the fast and came back to HIs Dergah. The man thought that such a great Wali Allah cannot say the wrong and so what after all is the matter.

The next day he says that when the Devotees gathered, one of them happily said that yesterday Shaykh opened His Fast at my place. Hearing such another devotee replied, no you’re lying, Shaykh opened Fast at my place and so a quarrel started among a lot of Devotees saying that yesterday Shaykh at that time was in Our House. Indeed Awliya Allah can travel to different places at the same time. Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilaani (Radiallahu ta’ala anhu), The Sultan Ul Awliyaa indeed stood Unique.

Several Devotees of Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi, being the Chosen one,whose Station of Ghawth and Sultan Ul Awliya was highlighted by Ghawth Al Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilaani (Radiallahu ta’ala anhu), Himself have narrated their incidents when they found Shaykh present at more then one places on the same time. Some of the events penned down are:

Ahsan Mohsini, one of the Mureeds (Devotees) of Shaykh narrates,

One of our relative who was of 7-8 Years of age fell from the high roof of our house. beneath the house were Solid bricks on which he fell. As soon as we saw him fell down, we took the stairs to go pick him from outside the house. We were amazed and at the same time astonished as well that the boy who had fell from a high roof on solid bricks didn’t get a slight wound and was smiling instead of crying and was saying,

“My Shaykh had come as I was falling and He took hold of me.”
When it was confirmed that where was Shaykh when the incident had occurred, it was found that Shaykh was most probably in His Dergah at that time.

(He kept on telling the same thing to everyone who enquired from him about falling from a high roof on solid bricks and not getting even slight wounds.)

Similarly, one of the devotees of Shaykh narrates,

“It was early morning when I, on a motor-bike was going to work. As I was driving I saw a driver of a Rickshaw taking a girl forcefully somewhere. The girl was crying out in helplessness on the long road that had no one there except me. I was in my teenage at that time. Seeing the man taking a girl forcefully somewhere on a passenger rickshaw and simultaneously the girl screaming for help on the long empty road, I suddenly stopped my motor-bike infront of the Rickshaw due to which the rickshaw driver had to stop otherwise he would have bumped in me. As the rickshaw driver got off he was a tall strong looking person where as on the other hand I was in my teenage and wasn’t compared anything to him in terms of strength. For the cause of humanity, I tried taking a step forward asking the girl to leave immediately while I was stopping the driver to take hold of her. The rickshaw driver took hold of my hand and said, ‘Now I will not leave you.’
I couldn’t do anything as he was strong and tall and there was no one there on the long empty road. I was sure that either that ill driver was to kidnap me or was going to beat me up. To my astonishment, suddenly I heard a voice from my side of Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi. I turned and saw Shaykh and a lot of Disciples(Mureeds) accompanying Him. Shaykh released my hand from the ill person’s hand and told the ill driver to leave immediately. The driver couldn’t do anything as Shaykh was there and so were a lot of His Mureeds as well. At last, the driver had run, the girl was saved and nothing had happened to me.
The astonishing thing was that as soon as the ill driver of the rickshaw ran, Shaykh asked me to leave. O replied in the affirmative. The road was long and empty as there was no one on the long road. All of a sudden when I blinked my eye, and moved backwards to see Shaykh gone, there was no one on the long road. Neither was Shaykh there nor His Disciples (Mureeds) and not even the car on which He had come. I was completely upset as the road was long and empty when in approximately five seconds everyone had like vanished.
Later when I enquired that where was Shaykh at that time, It was found that Shaykh was in His Dergah most probably and that He hadn’t left the Dergah at the time.”

Similarly, another Devotee of Shaykh narrates her incident,

“I was most probably coming back from my office, going to home. As I was on my way I had a wish to have Ziyarah of Shaykh. I was longing to have Ziyarah of my Beloved Shaykh as a lot of days had passed since had His Ziyarah. However, to my astonishment when I had this though in my mind while driving, at the same time I was blessed with Ziyarah of Shaykh driving a car near by my car. Later, it was known that Shaykh wasn’t driving car for years, the place where I saw Him Shaykh never went to that place alone while I saw Him alone. He had His Disciples (Mureeds) and Devotees accompanying Him wherever He would go and at the time Shaykh didn’t normally leave the Dergah. It was indeed Shaykh who blessed me with His Ziyarah when I was thinking about having His Ziyarah.” (Indeed, Our Beloved Shaykh is well aware of us.)

Similarly, another devotee of Shaykh tells an discloses,

I was doing the duty as guard at my Shaykh’s School, Mohsin School System. One night, when it was late and I was sleeping, I heard a car horn at the School’s gate. I rushed towards the gate to see who had come to school this late. As i opened the gate I had the Ziyarah of Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi. Seeing Him at that time I was surprised. Shaykh while seated in the car asked me are you getting the food (Langar of the Dergah) and are you getting it on time. I however, replied in the affirmative after which Shaykh went. The next day when I conversed with Abid Noor Mohsini who lives at Shaykh’s Dergah, I told Him that last night when it was late, Shaykh at had come to see me. Abid Noor Mohsini on hearing this was astonished and replied that Shaykh was not in the city Lahore those days and that He was gone to Islamabad a day earlier.
Later, It was confirmed that Shaykh was in another city at that time when the Guard had disclosed that he had met Shaykh.

Indeed the Sultan Ul Awliya, the Ghawth,The Beloved!